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Kengenia Global Group of Companies (The Kengenia Group) is a Global Holding Enterprise headquartered in Accra, Ghana with subsidiaries located in Europe, North America, and Asia. The Kengenia Group is a multi-facet, diversified entity with wide global reach into many lucrative sectors such as trade, mining, petroleum, renewable energy, pharmaceuticals, medical, sports, transportation, finance, fishing and shipping, construction and real estate and much more.


The Kengenia Group strives to be a phenomenal global enterprise, a game changer, a premier partner to promote a better quality of life in the global communities where we serve and conduct business, offering training and employment opportunities while ensuring profitability, exceeding our stakeholders’ expectations.


Kengenia Group focal point and core values is accountability, transparency, humility, integrity, loyalty and humanity to provide the preeminent standard of operations. To ensure these values we will put strategic initiatives, financial accountability, research & development, risk assessment and human resource development in place.

Kengenia Group is very passionate about our most important asset which is our diverse human capacity. Kengenia Group believes in training, mentoring and developing a high-performance team to ensure operational high standards, risk management, profits for our customers and shareholders, and ultimately becoming change agents to build nations.